David & Melissa Raube

David and Melissa served as missionary teachers in Papua New Guinea for 18 years helping missionaries remain on the field while offering them high quality schooling for their children in country. They then moved into teaching at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines where they could offer education to missionary and pastoral families from around Southeast Asia. After the Covid Pandemic sent many missionaries home from the Philippines, David & Melissa thought it may be time to settle back stateside permanently, but their heart for cross-cultural missionary families was still strong. 

As things became clear that critical needs remained at Faith Academy that David & Melissa could fill, they prayerfully committed to return to service as Dorm Parents for the girl’s dorm which serves 12 missionary kids from across Asia. David & Melissa are excited to use their years of cross-cultural work and raising their own ‘third culture kids’ as formidable experiences, coming alongside missionary parents as helpers in their kids’ lives as they navigate schoolwork, relationships, and understanding that God’s Word is relevant in their lives today. 

They will need your prayers as they seek wisdom, patience, and grace in this new endeavor. If this is something that you feel that God wants you to be part of, David & Melissa need about $2500 more in monthly support.

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