Robin Rempel

Robin Rempel has been an itinerant missionary for 40+ years in the Bible translation movement. She’s lived among and invested in the lives of men, women and children from over a hundred language communities.

Her focus has been training nationals, facilitating alphabet development, Bible translation, literacy, Scripture engagement, and making disciples. Robin has served primarily in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Kenya and Uganda. She now lives in Texas with her elderly Mom and young Suki Kat.

Robin works remotely, networking virtually to design, develop, and deploy workflow apps (e.g., Story Publisher, Honey Bee). These modern tools enable national people, from unreached nations, to do oral Bible translation themselves.

With these app tools, they can engage with Scripture in their own language and come to know the God who is their creator and Savior.

When not “traveling” from her home office, Robin enjoys yardwork, swimming, pickleball, Bible studies and leading worship.