Clean Water Filter Project

During late August, 2018, Kamano-Kafe Pastor Tukana, a PNG leader of Evangelical Brotherhood Church, visited us to get more sorcery movie DVDs to sell. I (Rich) asked him, “How is your bucket water filter helping your family?” Tukana replied, “Yes, good…There is a small Bible training school I am responsible for,and they have asked me to find a way to get clean water there. It is so bad that the students are having trouble attending class because of the diarrhea and illnesses like typhoid. Do you have any more filters that I could get for the Bible school?

Pastor Tukana

We had two Sawyer water filter kits left from a USA survey team who came to assess water needs. The 0.1-micron filters are back-washable and should last for several decades. Over the past six years, we had purchased these Sawyer water filters for $59 each (plus shipping and duties) for our translation team. The team and their families have been so much healthier since using their bucket filters! 

Pastor Tukana is also very excited about Tyndale and the way we want to expand what God has done for his Kamano-Kafe people in Bible Translation, as well as holistic ministry to other languages. Tyndale partnered with Sawyer in November 2018, and gave us a GPS research APP.

Sawyer gave us training in January 2019, and has now approved Tyndale as a NGO distributor, We can buy the filters for $21 instead of $59! 

With the first gifts given to the Clean Water Project, David Raube took 101 filters  to PNG in February. He trained Tuas to saturate several villages with filter, and to use the Sawyer App to do surveys. The survey app results of the first village followup training resulted in a 36% improvement in water related illnesses, as well as a marked improvement in the number of days children missed school or adults missed work.