James & Gina Nie

In April 2014, the Nie family left home, occupations, schools, church, and friends to sail across the Pacific Ocean. Their call was to overseas missions, transporting missionaries who translate the Gospel into heart languages of remote Bibleless people.

During their five-year maritime service in the South Pacific, they transported families, delivered goods and supplies, brought local translators to training programs, and enabled outreach teams to access remote areas quickly and safely.

The Nies saw countless challenges facing brothers and sisters in Christ who are fulfilling the Great Commission. Experience taught Jim and Gina that the most basic needs are often the most precious, like daily food, encouragement, community, safety, health care, Scripture and its proper use.

Throughout their years, they served a variety of Christian ministries in many fields, including Bible translation, Scripture use, medical care, and disaster relief. One aspect of serving the Lord is clear – safe, timely, and reliable open-ocean transportation is sorely lacking.

Jim, Gina, Colton and Niki greatly appreciate all those families, individuals and churches that make it possible for them to serve on the high seas. You are all a part of this critical ministry.

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