Guhu Samane OT/NT

Six of the eleven Guhu Samane translation team members after a six week translator training course.

Guhu Samane Language Group

Old Testament Completion and New Testament Revision​

Tyndale Bible Translators has been asked by The Bible Translation Association of PNG and the Guhu Samane translation team to help this language complete the last 19% of the Old Testament and revise the New Testament. Your gifts toward this project will mostly be used for computers and solar panels and team transportation expenses into this remote area so this team can work and complete their Bible.  

The New Testament was first published in 1975 for the 12,750 people who speak this language. The churches and Christians have been using what has been published. Steven Ttopoqogo is team leader and the goal after this Bible is in print and audio recorded on solar powered Scripture players for this people group is to use this Bible to help many more people get translations in surrounding dialects and languages. Thank you for supporting this remote people group.