Audio-Visual Scripture Media

The solar-powered, audio Scripture player is the stealth evangelism tool. Where there is no electricity, people can recharge these pocket-sized players in the sun for free! We frequently hear stories of people accepting Christ from listening to these players.

Each player costs $35. We supply players (over 1,900 so far) to a dozen languages in PNG where God’s Word is recorded. Your gift will purchase more audio players for the language group with the most urgent need at the time we receive your gift. 

Loved MegaVoice Bible player. (Worn-out buttons.)

​Early Morning Start

[Written by: Kossack, the Kamano-Kafe language audio recordist]

One morning in 2016 at about 6 am, I was surprised to see a lady, Anna, at my front door.

“I have a problem,” she explained, and showed me her AudiBible [a solar-powered Scripture audio player].  “There is no sound on it now,” she said.  “Can you please fix it for me?” 

I took her AudiBible, plugged it in and charged it for her. “Now it works well!,” I said. “Thank you so much!” she exclaimed with great joy. “This is where I get God’s message for me. It strengthens me each day.”

It means a lot in our culture to have someone come to see you very early in the morning.  It means they don’t want you to go out before you can help them.

Anna holding her AudiBible, 2016 (PNG)

A few years later, on July 17, 2019, at about 9 am, Anna took her solar-powered AudiBible outside to charge it in the sun. She went back at 11 am to bring it back inside.  She turned it on, and as she entered the house, while the AudiBible was playing, she asked her daughter to help her lay down. As she laid down, it appeared to her daughter that she had fainted. Her daughter went out to get help. When she and others went back inside, they found that Anna had passed away, with her AudiBible still playing Scriptures.

When I heard the story, it was a great encouragement for me to know that someone can even die while listening to the Kamano-Kafe Scripture recording I had produced.