Fore Language Group

Fore is a “Bibleless again” people group of 26,650 people in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The Fore New Testament (NT) was printed 44 years ago and has been sold out for decades. Fore people are constantly asking for a reprint, after a minor revision. Fore people asked Tyndale Bible Translators (TBT) to form and train a team to help make minor revisions and get the Fore NT back into print.

Part of the training includes helping the team produce Scripture-based videos that teach communities and help them learn to partner with their team. TBT will also ensure that Scripture is recorded for the 80+% of people who cannot read and make it available for village comprehension checking, prior to reprinting their New Testament.

Fore New Testament Bible Translation Progress

NT Drafted
Ready for Recording & Printing
OT Drafted & Revised
Recorded & Print-ready