Serve from Home?

TBT is currently looking for volunteers or those willing to raise their own missionary support for the following needs.  Please email for more information about any of these needs. We need your USA city or time zone and preferably a phone contact. Also mention “the job title” you are looking at. We will call or write you to answer your questions.

Graphic Designer

Tyndale is looking for a part-time volunteer Graphic Designer with InDesign skills to serve from anywhere in the world.

TBT Newsletter Designer and Writer

This job would entail communicating with TBT staff to collect TBT ideas and stories to compile into a quarterly newsletter, and then do the layout. This publication would probably start as front and back pages that may move to a monthly publication. TBT already has a good editor.

Scripture Typesetter

A typesetter does the actual layout of print edition Bibles, followed by preparing the online files. If you have very good to excellent computer skills, know or want to learn InDesign, are willing to do on-line training followed by a 2-week Scripture Typesetting course (usually held in Dallas), please contact us. Please see Tyndale’s Go as a missionary pages to see our list of other missionary positions.