Kamano-Kafe Translation and Scripture-Use Team (PNG)

Since 1999, Rich and Joyce Mattocks have served the Kamano-Kafe people group in Papua New Guinea (PNG). God has greatly blessed the team with passionate Kamano-Kafe speaking coworkers. The Kamano-Kafe New Testament was dedicated December 24, 2014. The team is now translated 67% of the Old Testament (OT) towards a complete Bible.

The entire New Testament and five books of the Old Testament are recorded and on solar-powered audio players; six more recorded OT books will be added soon The team has produced multiple teaching booklets, hymn books, and has translated and recorded these videos: “Jesus” film, “The Hope”, “Acts”, “Genesis”, and “O Papa God” (HIV/AIDS movie drama)

With God’s clear direction and help, in 2017 the team wrote and filmed an hour-long movie drama as a Christian response to the growing problem of sorcery in PNG. It was filmed in two languages, Kamano-Kafe and Tok Pisin (the trade language), and dubbed into English. We are thankful for your partnership that helps team members serve with tools that speed up the work: solar panels and batteries, cell phones and computers.

Your tithes also help pay for team training, stipends, medical and dental treatment for them and their families, and scholarships for their children to attend school. Thank you for your part on the team to enable the Kamano-Kafe Christians in this ministry.

Feb. 20: Kossack took this photo of the Kamano-Kafe team during tea break in the room where they are recording Old Testament books.

Kamano-Kafe Bible Translation Progress

NT Translated
Recorded & Printed
OT Drafted & Revised
Recorded & Print-ready